Elevate Your Football Field to Another Level

Are you worried about the state of your football field? If your school is taking steps to improve its football program, you will want a field that can match that level. Some cosmetic improvements are easy to make. You can get the grass redone, lines redrawn, and you can even get new structures for the end posts. But some changes require a financial commitment.

Scoreboard: Digital or Traditional?

It is tempting to stick with your traditional scoreboard. It has served your school well for so many years. But think about the type of impression it leaves on those who arrive at the stadium. Whether it is scouts coming to see your players, parents, fans or people from out of town.

You will want everyone to check out your stadium and feel impressed. That can happen if you set up a LED video scoreboard in place of the one that you have right now.

Advantages of LED Scoreboards

It goes without saying that it is much easier to update the LED scoreboard. You will not need to have someone standing behind the scoreboard constantly adding different numbers when the score or time changes.

It is also useful that you can have a precise clock of how many minutes and seconds are left in the game. Say there are five seconds of the game left. Now everyone who is in the stadium can look to the digital scoreboard for that confirmation.

Showing Videos

When you have a digital scoreboard, you can even show pre and post-match clips of your team. Maybe you can show highlights from the previous game as fans are waiting for the current game to start. You can even have a live feed from the field or around the stadium.

video scoreboard

Having a LED scoreboard is going to take your football stadium into the 21st century!