Having a Gate Opener Might Not Be A Luxury

Believe it or not, you can have your gates open for you and that might not be such a bad idea. Rural gate openers especially might be ideal

How does it work?

It is simple. You install a bump arm on the gate which you then nudge with your vehicle and continue to push as you drive through the gate. It will open in front of you and then close a few seconds later when you stop compressing the bump arm.

Could an animal open it?

The main idea is that you continue to put pressure on the bump arm as you drive through. Animals are not going to understand that idea of follow through, so even if they do nudge it, they will not keep up the sustained pressure needed to open the gate.

Not as young as you used to be?

Just think of all the time you spend opening and closing gates. Added up, it could be a big part of your day, and while you used to leap up and down from the tractor time-after-time, there comes a point where there is no point using energy for the sake of just using energy. If you have a lot of acres to cover and you’re not as young as you used to be, this might help you maintain your independence.

Had an injury which prevents lifting?

If lifting is difficult for you then having a gate open as you push it might save you a lot of time and avoid pain.

Rural gate openers

It comes down to independence and efficiency

We all know the saying time is money, so efficiency makes sense to us all. But if gate openers can help you remain independent, then it is worth a look.