The Traumatic Experience Of Relocating A Pet


For many well cared for pets, about the only time they have ever had to be relocated was from the pet store or breeding ground in which they were born. In transit, they would hardly know. As newly borns, they would be sound asleep or nurtured to comfort until such time that they reach their new home. Most well cared for dogs’ only experience of moving cars is that of those passing them by in their own streets.

And hopefully these fine chaps are safely behind the gates and walls of their homes. Yes, it is quite true that there are many dogs that love going for a drive in their master’s car. They love being in his company on an outing. But if it is something otherwise, they will instinctively and quickly sense that something is up, and it does not smell very good at all. It could well be another trip to the vet – just how animals get to know this remains a mystery – or it could be one final remove from home, never to return.

Dogs and cats notice these things. They will know that you are on the move the moment you start hauling all of your belongings together. They remain uncertain as to just where they stand. It may well be a moving experience but these are uncertain and quite frightening times in the animals’ lives. Do not struggle with the dog or cat. Simply trust a professional pet relocation professional to transit your best friends over very long distances.

pet relocation

They are as well cared for as they can possibly be over this long haul, with medical care being provided if necessary and certainly all meals being taken care of. Dogs and cats, do not be frightened. Soon, you will be home again.